Getting on this playlist is the first step to getting reviewed by Round. Follow the steps below*.

Our top 100 playlist on Spotify. Ingredients are 75% rock, 15% metal, and 10% folk.

Step 1: Get on the Found By `Round top 100 indie playlist, then move up. All songs start at the bottom of the list, at number 100. Your song may gradually move up the list as new songs are added below it.

Step 2: Accelerate your progress by submitting proof that you streamed the playlist. Go to and get a screenshot of your plays, then send it to Editor[at] Each time you submit you’ll move ahead 10 spots until you hit number 1.

Step 4: You’ll be offered an article in our ‘Song Stories’ section once you hit number 1 on the Found By Round playlist

Step 5: Song Story artists are eligible for a full album review on their next release. An ‘album’ can be an actual album release, or a 10 song public playlist of your work. (Note, we do not review singles or videos)

*There is never a fee associated with our playlists, and this is not a paid ‘music marketing’ scheme. Round Magazine playlists are 100% editorial and organic.

Custom Spotify Plaques

`Round Magazine coined the term VaporPop in 2010. You might get onto this playlist through the same submission button above.

Songs on this playlist used to be on the Found By `Round playlist.

Do you want us to find you? Use hashtag #FoundByRound when you post your songs online.