Maggie Cassidy – #01HR

I can still remember the very moment that I had the inspiration for this song, I can still see her face. Like many songs on ‘The Lost Tapes’ they were mulled over, played with and birthed in a dark practice room tucked away just outside of Guildford. But this wasn’t simply a song about meeting someone who I felt would change the course of my life, this became a choice. Do I go on with my vagabonding and chase music, adventure and possible disappointment? Or do I start to align myself with a more conventional path so I might be able to provide myself and others with the ‘ideal life’?

I write this from the south of France where I live and work, for now, forever in pursuit of something ‘more’, something significant, something meaningful. So I think you can tell which path I chose. 

The song that you hear today, like many of us, has had many forms and changed many times. Created under the watchful and talented eye of Tom (Guitar, Producer) during lockdown ‘#01Hr’ has finally seen the light of day. We toured the song all over the United Kingdom before ‘this’ all happened,  and this live birth informed some of the major changes to the song, namely the riff that hits you after the 2nd chorus. 

The exact meaning of the lyrics, as ever, remain open to the listeners interpretation but I would encourage you to ask yourself this, what are you willing to sacrifice in order to pursue your purpose? 

All seriousness aside, enjoy the music, dive into the story, check out our whacky video and of course come and see us playing it in a city near you. Thank for taking the time to read this.

Jamie x

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