Livingmore – Never A Rockstar

There are a lot of songs that are about feeling cool and getting what you want. This song is the complete opposite of that. It is about someone who feels like they are on the outskirts of life and simultaneously pokes fun at the egotistical, self indulgent, woe is me, self realizations that come with having any expectations in life. Even though the song says “I was never a rockstar”, I hope it isn’t taken in too literal of a way because it’s really more of a love letter to the under dogs of the world who feel misplaced. Even though it may sound sad I hope it can also feel comforting to people. The feeling that you’re not alone…

The two of us, (Alex Moore and Spencer Livingston) recorded this song at our home studio in early 2021. We both played guitar at the same time with Alex playing acoustic guitar and Spencer playing these kind of experimental, atmospheric sounds on electric guitar. We then sent what we recorded at our house to our friend and collaborator Josiah Mazzachi for mixing and mastering. That is pretty much how the process has been for every song on this new record that we will be releasing next year. This new album which is titled “Look” definitely has some sounds and moods that we’ve never explored before and we are curious to see how people will interpret it all.


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