Arkup Floating Mansion

What do you call a $5.5M houseboat? Miami based Arkup calls theirs a livable yacht. That’s not entirely satisfying because, frankly, any decent yacht is livable. This one just happens to be rectangular and able to stand on built-in stilts.

The term ‘mobile home’ takes on a new meaning when it looks like a modern house from a design magazine, and travels at seven knots. It’s packed with luxury features including wood floors, floor to ceiling windows, and 4,350-square-feet of living space.

When parked, the house sits on retracable hydraulic pylons that make it as stable as any house. When moving, those pylons stick out of the roof and give the Arkup an ironic steamship vibe. Those pylons can raise the house 20 feet in a storm to withstand 155 mph winds.

This floating mansion is self sustaining: harvesting rainwater, solar powered, self-evlevating and stabilizing, and cruises silently on 100% electric power. So you can sneak up on your beachfront friends.

There are four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a swim platform, and LED lighting systems. The clean, modern interior is fully fitted and furnished.

The Arkup is docked at Star Island in Miami Beach but it is no longer available to rent because the demand was too high. But you can buy it from the manufacturer for $5,500,000.

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