Grado Prestige X Series Headphones

Grado X Series

The next generation of Prestige headphones by Grado have been released and are called The X Series. First designed by John Grado more than 30 years ago, the venerable Prestige series has been modernized and enhanced. Featuring new speakers, an advanced cable design and a more comfortable headbands, the series consists of five models: SR60XSR80XSR125XSR225Xand SR325X.



New speaker design
The Prestige X Series speaker design encompasses a new magnetic circuit that’s been revised for improved efficiency in conjunction with a newly designed voice coil and diaphragm to further reduce distortion and enhance harmonic integrity. As a result the new Prestige X Series is easier to drive across a variety of devices and deliver the best audio performance possible.

New cable design 
The Prestige X Series deploys a new braided nylon cable sheathing offering more durability and flexibility and preventing kinking and twisting. The 8-conductor (SR125X, SR225X, SR325X) and 4-conductor (SR60X, SR80X) cables now feature a super annealed copper wire. Extremely high purity – 99.9999% pure copper – to deliver improved purity of the audio signal. The cable terminates in a 1/8 inch mini-plug with an included 1/4 inch adaptor.

Headband redesign 
Grado headphones have always been designed for comfort, especially when enjoying long listening sessions. The Prestige X Series redesign to the headband improves comfort and reduces listening fatigue. The headband for SR325x is calf-skin leather with white stitching. Headbands for SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, and SR225x have a leather aesthetic, but are vegan-friendly man-made material.

All Grado headbands have a tempered stainless-steel malleable tension core. Manually adjust the width to your own preference and they will stay that way.

Summary of improvements 
The SR60x is the most affordable Grado headphone and features the new speaker, cable, and headband enhancements. The SR80x has been enhanced with higher performance pairing of the drivers. The SR125x incorporates all of the above and adds the thicker 8 conductor cable. The SR225x uses Grado F style cushions for enhanced comfort and bass*. Finally, the SR325x features all of the above plus a metal housing, rather than polycarbonate, and the leather headband. 

*Note: All Prestige X Series headphones are compatible with Grado S, L, F, and G style cushions. This is a matter of personal preference for comfort and sound.


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