Rose Cora Perry
& The Truth Untold

Rose Cora Perry
& The Truth Untold

Not My Time

Rose Cora Perry, frontwoman and songwriter of award-winning Canadian rock band, The Truth Untold reflects on the band’s brand new hit single, Not My Time: 

I wrote Not My Time directly following a battle against covid. I was ill for several weeks and was left shaken by the whole experience. I remember praying, asking for strength to overcome it as I knew it wasn’t ‘my time’. Having just lost my older brother at the tender age of 38 in 2020 due to cancer, I couldn’t imagine the devastation my parents would feel if I went too. Just like him, I was going to fight til the bitter end.  

I am tremendously grateful that I was able to overcome my symptoms, that I’ve been left completely unscathed and that the illness never progressed to the severity of requiring hospitalization. I know I’m very fortunate as far too many have not had the same positive outcome.  

I’ve always been a songwriter who feels it’s important to write relevant and relatable lyrics that reflect universal experiences and in turn, leave listeners with a sense of “hope” that they’re not alone in what they’re going through or how they’re feeling. 

My aim in writing Not My Time was/is to unite people. It doesn’t matter if you’re of camp ‘pro’ or camp ‘anti’ with respect to how covid has been managed. The reality is that the pandemic has been extremely difficult on us all – physically, socially, economically and psychologically.  

Music, I believe, is a powerful language that allows us to break down barriers of difference and connect through a shared emotional experience that hits us on a visceral level. Now is a time to come together and be united. When people hear our song, I hope their takeaway is that, “it’s not time to give up.” 

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