KOTTA – New Crowned King

KOTTA tells us about writing his song New Crowned King:

Most of the song was written driving around the empty streets in the middle of the night (never that empty in LA, but I would find myself In these secluded pockets – voids). The lyrics mainly came out in a single stream of consciousness that reworked itself through my head on a single night. Memories, feelings, philosophies, and in the moment experiences all melding and speaking at once. It had a very stranded feeling, as you can see in the music video. King of what? The empty dark streets?  

Then every time I would be driving alone, the song would just start looping in my head. It had a very doomsday feel, mixed with an energetic desire. 

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I called up Raz (producer Raz Klinghoffer) and told him I needed to get it on record, because it was gonna consume me if I didn’t get it out of me. During the production we rode the wave so to speak, it already had a life of its own.  Lyrically I liked how many different perspectives seemed to be speaking at once, and when the song was almost done I realized I wanted background characters, “Chanting “…but who?” “It’s never enough, no.”

That final outside perspective seemed to cement it all together.

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