Bruce Osborn
Once Upon A Time In Los Angeles

Once Upon A Time
In Los Angeles

The Screamers

They were the most famous punk band in Los Angeles in the 70’s. Whenever they played shows at the Whiskey, The Masque, or Starwood they were always sold out. Even though they were so popular at that time, they never recorded a record. Tomata du Plenty (center right) was the charismatic lead vocalist of the group and was also a regular member at our weekend volleyball games in the backyard behind my studio on Western Blvd. 

Levi and te Rockats

The Rockats were a punk inspired rockabilly band from England. They moved to Los Angeles in the 70’s and were living in the Tropicana Hotel in Hollywood. Tom Waits was also living there at the time and it was popular spot for bands to stay when they were visiting in LA. The Rockats punk style of Rockabilly influenced groups like Brian Setter’s Stray Cats and Dave Alvin’s The Blasters. 

Ron Wood

I took Ron Wood’s portrait for Phonographic Record Magazine. He had recently become a member of the Rolling Stones, but I was happy to see that he still had the heart of a rocker. Ronnie was drinking Eastside Beer and sniffing Poppers. This was the last job I shot before spending a year traveling through Europe and Asia on my way to Japan.

The Drudgery of Housework

Gene was my cousin’s girlfriend and we were all going to school together. Even though we wanted to spend all our time working on our art, still had to deal with the everyday things like ironing and house cleaning.

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