Bruce Osborn
Once Upon A Time In Los Angeles

Once Upon A Time
In Los Angeles

Stars on Hollywood Boulevard

Dot & Viv were my buddies when I was going to Art Center College of Design. Being with them was like in a TV sitcom like “I Love Lucy”. Dot & Viv didn’t have a star on Hollywood Blvd. but that didn’t stop them from writing names on an empty star in lipstick.

Ice Cream Sundae

Dot & Viv were illustration majors at Art Center College of Design and they took their art to another level when they started designing artwork that they could wear. It was lots of fun hanging out at their apartment and thinking of locations like this bus stop to take photos.


NEOLA had a day job as a nurse in a hospital, but when she wasn’t on duty, she’d take off the wig that was covering her punk hairdo. Changing cloths into something more colorful and putting on makeup, she was ready for a night at the clubs.

Family Portrait

The first year when I was studying photography at Art Center College of Design, we had to take all our photos with a heavy and cumbersome 4×5 camera. It was so different than taking pictures with a 35mm camera, but I found that it took great pictures and learned a lot about composing and taking photographs using it. I shot this family portrait when my relatives got together for our annual Thanksgiving dinner in 1974. 

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