Bruce Osborn
Once Upon A Time In Los Angeles

Once Upon A Time
In Los Angeles

Wigwam Motel

This motel is located on legendary highway Route 66 in San Bernardino. All the rooms there were the shaped of tepees and made out to concrete. The Wigwam Motel is still in business at the same location. Check it out the next time you are in Southern California.

Santa Monica Pier

I felt Southern California was the place to be when I was growing up. All my friends were surfing and when we couldn’t get one of our parents to drive us to the beach, we did the next best thing and went skateboarding. Portable Japanese transistor radios were popular and could hear them playing the Beach Boys, Ventures, and other popular LA bands wherever we went. The Santa Monica Pier and palm trees are my image of Los Angeles when I was taking these photos in the 70’s.

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